Kok Kwong Sin

Visitation at Funeral Home

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturday, August 10, 2019
Clayton & McGirr Funeral Home
100 Elton-Adelphia Road
Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States

Obituary of Kok Kwong Sin

Kok Kwong Sin, 87, of Howell passed away peacefully on Sunday, August 4, 2019.  He was born in Singapore and raised in China.  When Mr. Sin came to the United States in 1960, he settled in New York City and then Mamaroneck, NY. He was the owner of Taku Restaurant in Harrison, NY for over thirty years prior to retiring in 1991.  He was an intrepid chef and known for his creative interpretations of traditional dishes, including his famous scallion beef. In his spare time, Mr. Sin enjoyed freshwater fishing, painting, and sculpting. He excelled at reverse calligraphy, painted landscapes, and clay figurines.

Mr. Sin was predeceased by one brother and two sisters.  He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Wai Fong Sin; two children, Shik Sin and his wife Joan of Howell, and Ling Sin and her husband Jack So of Millstone Township; six grandchildren, Christopher Sin, Ryan Sin and his partner Rosey Candelario, Alycia So and her husband Rupak Bhuyan, Ashley So, Amanda So, and Richard Lennox; great-grandson Ryan Matthew Sin, Jr.; and many nieces and nephews.  


He always extended a helping hand to those in need, and his generosity and love of family knew no bounds. He met his lovely wife in Hong Kong; it was LOVE at first sight and they married soon thereafter.  The enduring love he shared with Mrs. Sin of 61 years was a beacon and inspiration to his children and grandchildren. He also possessed a whimsical and childlike sense of humor. We remember those many mischievous moments when he would kiss Mrs. Sin just to intentionally make her blush. His easy-going and affable nature was challenged at times by the tribulations of life, but his profound spirit for joy and laughter never dimmed.  As he takes leave of us for eternal sleep, we take comfort in knowing that he is at peace and that his spirit will live on through his family.  He was truly an Angel among men.


Visitation will be held at the Clayton & McGirr Funeral Home, 100 Elton-Adelphia Road (Route 524), Freehold Township on Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.  Interment will be private. For those who desire, memorial contributions in memory of Mr. Sin may be made to AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, 110 West Laurel Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19012.  For information, directions, or to send messages of condolence to the family, please visit www.claytonfuneralhome.com.


87歲的冼國光先生of Howell201984日星期日和平逝世。他1932 年在新加坡出生,但是他的家人返回中國,他長大的地方。先生於1960年來到美國,他定居在紐約市,然後在紐約州Mamaroneck定居。他是紐約州HarrisonTaku餐廳老闆, 1991年退休。 他是一位富有想像力的廚師,以其對傳統菜餚的創造性詮釋而聞名,包括他著名的蔥油牛肉。在業餘時間,冼先生享受淡水捕魚,繪畫和雕刻。他擅長反向書法,繪畫風景和泥人


冼先生有一個哥哥和兩個姐妹,幾年前逝世。冼先生倖存下來妻子冼伍惠芳夫人; 他還倖存下來兩個孩子,兒子冼鍚乾和他的妻子冼琼of Howell,以及女兒冼妙玲和她的丈夫蘇錦華of Millstone Township; 六個孫子,冼仲賢,冼偉賢和他的伴侶Rosey Candelario,蘇小妹和她的丈夫Rupak Bhuyan,蘇小寶,蘇小蘭和Richard Lennox;曾孫冼小偉賢。和許多侄女和侄子。


冼先生總是向有需要的人伸出援助之手,他的慷慨和對家庭的熱愛是無止境的。他在香港遇見了他可愛的妻子; 真是一見鍾情,他們很快就結婚了。他與冼夫人共享61年的持久愛情,是他的孩子和孫子們的燈塔和靈感。他還具有異想天開和孩子般的幽默感。我們記得那些許遊玩的時刻,比如當他親吻冼夫人時,故意讓她臉紅。他的隨和和善的性質有時受到生活的磨難的挑戰,但他對歡樂和笑聲的深刻精神從未暗淡過。當他離開我們尋求永恆的睡眠時,我們會因為知道他處於和平狀態並且他的精神將通過他的家人繼續生活而感到安慰。他確實是男人中的天使。


探視於2019810日星期六下午3:006:00舉行在ClaytonMcGirr Funeral Home,100 Elton-Adelphia Road (Route 524), Freehold Township Interment將是私人的。對於那些渴望的人,可以紀念冼先生的紀念捐款送到AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, 110 West Laurel Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19012。有關信息,指示,或向家人發送慰問信息,請訪問www.claytonfuneralhome.com

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