Through the years, a wide variety of ethnic and religious groups have chosen the Monmouth County area for their homes.  Many moved to this suburban area from the cities, where groups tended to live in neighborhoods which reflected their own culture, and funeral homes in the area catered to their own particular ethnic or religious group.  When it came time to choose a funeral home, you could be comfortable in the knowledge that the neighborhood funeral director was well-versed in your culture's funeral customs.  

 The population we serve is typical of the Monmouth County area.  The Howell and Freehold area are represented by all of the major religions. The are several Roman Catholic parishes in the immediate area, including the Co-Cathedral of St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Rose of Lima,  St. Catherine of Siena, and the Church of St. Veronica. Adelphia itself houses both Baptist and Methodist Churches, as do Farmingdale and Freehold Borough. All of the major Protestant religions are represented in the immediate area.  There are three Buddhist temples in Howell, and Russian Orthodox Churches in both Howell and Jackson.  The large Jewish population in our area is served by numerous synagogues in the Lakewood, Howell and Freehold areas. 

 We are proud to serve each of these faiths with equal skill and strict adherence to their individual beliefs and customs.